No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet
No home is completewithout thepitter patterofkitty feet 

   We thought it would be     nice to put names to faces

 I place myself at the top of the

naming honours as I'm the oldest.


Born in the summer of June 59 I was appropriately named June followed by

Cheryl but have always be known as Cherry.

The story goes Dad wanted to call me June, Mum wanted to call me Cheryl and my dear nannie wanted to call me Cherry.

Guess my Nannie had more clout!


Next, is my darling husband born

Andrew John known as Andy


 I call him Dude.



Finally our very very special daughter

who is also named

June Cheryl & known as Cherry.


We have only owned Maine Coons since 2013.


Our story with the gorgeous Maine Coon started when Andy and myself decided we would like a long-haired ginger female moggy.


Our old moggy called Sweetie was around fifteen years old and aging gracefully.


We decided it would be better to get one while she was still with us. 


Our thoughts at the time were to get one

just like her, though she wasn't long haired she was a Ginger.


I remember years ago ginger cats being

referred to as a  

Marmalade Cats.



We searched everywhere but to no avail.


  While searching we came across pictures of Long haired ginger kittens.


We soon learned the correct terminology

of the  colour


Red Classic Maine Coon.


That was it

we were smitten!


We embarked on buying a

Red Classic female kitten

but came away with two which were

 litter sisters.


This is where our love Story for the beautiful

majestic Maine Coon began. 


I've been breeding German Shepherd Dog's for around forty years and hold a

breeding Licence with my local authorities

also, I'm a registered member of

The Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme

Baby Cherry ​

 Cuteness Overload 

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The Woman's Touch

Furnace Lane





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