No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet
No home is completewithout thepitter patterofkitty feet 

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Why do cats knead their owner's?


When kittens are first born they are totally dependent on their mother for their nutrition.


When they suck at their mother's teats they tread with alternate front paws to stimulate the flow of milk.


If your cat is kneading on your lap or chest

when you have a cuddle this shows that it associates the intense and secure nature of  your relationship with that of its mother when it was a tiny kitten.


Some cats will take the process one step further and dribble uncontrollably as they anticipate

the milk feed that kneading usually predicted.


Cats grow out of this behaviour when it ceases

to be necessary but a few will retain it into

adulthood, particularly when in the presence of someone with whom they feel safe or

when they get on a  particularly 

fluffy cushion or blanket.


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