No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet
No home is completewithout thepitter patterofkitty feet 

       What greater gift           than the love of a cat?


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  • Alex (Thursday, April 22 21 08:47 pm BST)

    Cherry has been absolutely superb in helping us in the process of homing one of her kittens.

    She is an absolute professional and made us feel very re-assured and informed throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend anybody who is considering a Maine Coon to get in touch as soon as possible.

    We are smitten with our Black Smoke Maine Coon boy, Bruce. He is inquisitive, playful and ever so loving. Everything we could've wished for and more. I'm hoping we will be back in due course to acquire him a fur friend!

    Thank you so much Cherry, Andy and the cats!

    Alex, Karen, Steve, Lucy

  • Ian and Kimberley (Wednesday, April 21 21 04:29 pm BST)

    Chandycats owner Cherry quite clearly has a passion for Maine Coons. Cherry goes above and beyond what other cat breeders do so of course we wanted one of her kittens. We received a folder from Cherry full of facts, history, grooming, health etc all manor of information on Maine Coons to read up on whilst waiting for "Gorgeous George" Cherry sent photos of George and videos of the whole litter including mum, it was reassuring to see the surroundings were immaculate and enriching and that the dynamics of the litter were sound. George is a truly handsome and chunky Maine Coon kitten as were all his littermates. George has a confident, loving personality, we had no problems on a three hour journey home and he has settled in quickly.
    Our vet gave George top marks for his kitten check, but of course you were confident in that Cherry! George is a super kitten, thank you so much for enriching our lives with this bundle of joy, your dedication and hard work shows in all you do. If we may use one of your quotes which has touched our hearts.

    Be kind to your pet, he is only a few years of your life, but you are all of his!

    And leave you with one from us,

    Precious gems are profoundly buried in the earth and can only be extracted at the expense of great labour.

    With lots of love Gorgeous George x

  • Irine (Sunday, April 18 21 01:45 pm BST)

    We had a wonderful experience receiving our Super Sooty Odin. He is an extremely loving, gentle, intelligent kitten, who is also healthy and well--taught. We received him 12 weeks of age and he already have a well-developed character and good kitty manners! Cherry did a splendid job teaching him how to use the litter box and all the other kitty secrets. He is gentle giant weighing 2.8 kg at such an early age, and we love him the most. The most adorable, intelligent and healthy little fella

  • Chris Krieger (Friday, April 16 21 08:52 am BST)

    Had a lovely experience picking up our Main Coon kitten today. Cherry and family were very accommodating, professional and patient. All the kittens we saw were very high quality 5* and our kitten came extensively checked with a great history of many champions in her blood line. Highly recommended and worth every penny!.

  • Flora Nicoll (Friday, November 02 18 05:58 pm GMT)

    We are so happy with the gorgeous Isidore! She is in beautiful condition and is unbelievably confident and affectionate already in her new home.
    HUGE thanks to Cherry for being so friendly and accommodating, and sending us off with a wonderful pack of info, certificates, toys, food etc. Couldn’t have asked for more.

  • Tracy Miller (Tuesday, September 25 18 10:24 pm BST)

    I’ve had my first Maine Coon kitten, Louie for 3 weeks now and he is just adorable. Full of energy and so affectionate. Can’t praise Cherry enough. I spent over 2 hours meeting and playing with the kittens I also saw the mum and dad. Their home was immaculate and Cherry took the time to chat and answer any questions I had. Would definitely recommend

  • Katherine Macvie (Saturday, August 11 18 11:35 pm BST)

    We brought our male kitten Teddy Bear home in May. He is an absolute beauty. His temperament is wonderful, he is the most affectionate cat that I have ever owned and has amazing energy and eats like a horse! Would highly recommend Cherry as a breeder. We were given as long as we wanted to stay on our visits and Cherry helpfully answered any questions I had. Her home is incredibly clean and the kittens parents are there to meet too. It is obvious how well cared for the kittens are.

  • Susie and Ian (Sunday, May 20 18 02:41 pm BST)

    We’ve just visited our kittens for the second time and they will be coming home with us in July. They are already beautiful and well socialised little darlings. Cherry and her family have been more than accommodating in letting us visit and spend some quality time with them and their fur babies. Cherry has a wonderful and very clean set up, kittens, mum and dad all available to see and extensively health checked. We can’t wait to bring Willow and Theodore home with us!!

  • Sarah (Saturday, May 19 18 06:27 pm BST)

    I picked up my beautiful Maine Coon girl kitten from Cherry and her loving family today. Cherry and her family are amazing breeders, they are so kind, caring and passionate about their cats. I had a very bad experience with another breeder before I met with Cherry and I am so grateful that I found Cherry as she has re-stored my faith in breeders. Her home is immaculate, cats are all friendly, socialble and extremely healthy and well cared for. Overall, I would highly recommend Cherry and her family if you are looking for a Maine Coon as you will receive a top class experience and have a very happy and healthy kitten.

  • Steve (Tuesday, May 08 18 07:37 pm BST)

    Myself and my partner desperately wanted a Maine Coon, but my girlfriend has suffered from allergies with some cats. Cherry and family were the only breeder in the county that I contacted (c.6 breeders) who were willing to take the time out and let us sit with the adults and kittens. It was a joy to sit with her furry family members who are lovingly cared for in a very clean and organised home. We are very grateful, and all being well, will adopt a kitten for our very own in the near future.

  • Jonathan Hough (Monday, May 07 18 08:49 pm BST)

    We have just picked up our little Mane Coon and we were very impressed; it is clear that Cherry is an exceptionally good breeder and she cares for all her animals a lot. Cherry has given us some fantastic advice and know that the kitten has had the very best start in life.

  • Tom and Naomi (Saturday, April 28 18 04:56 pm BST)

    We now have an amazing little maine coon kitten called perseus. He is a remarkable, energetic and confident kitten. We had cats in the past with poor health and so were delighted to find a breeder who comprehensively tests her queens and stud cats to ensure that they dont have heritable conditions, which was very important to us. We would recommend chandy cat to any prospective cat owner.

  • Michael kelly (Monday, April 16 18 08:02 pm BST)

    We received a lovely Maine coon from cherry in April 2018,they have a really good set up and some great parents to the kittens ,highly recommended

  • Samantha Brotherton (Monday, April 16 18 09:31 am BST)

    We took our beautiful male kitten Hamish home yesterday and he is adorable. What a fab experience we have had with Cherry the breeder. Immaculate breeding conditions, happy kittens, saw both his mum and dad, and kept us updated as to his progress once we had chosen him at 5 weeks. Settled in with our other 2 year old rag doll within 24 hours .Thank you Cherry. Highly recommend.

  • Helen Lilley (Thursday, March 08 18 10:15 pm GMT)

    We met Cherry and her family last year in october to see her beautiful first litter of maine coons! We were both so impressed with the environment the kittens were brought up in, the outstanding knowledge from cherry herself and how welcoming her family was that you felt completely at ease and relaxed.
    After our lovely visit we took home our little man Freddie who is now nearly 7 months old and he is my little bundle of joy so playful and affectionate! We also took away a folder containing medical tests from freddies mum, copies of pedigree papers and pictures with his siblings!
    I would recommend cherry to anyone looking to get their first maine coon!
    Thankyou so much again for our beautiful little boy!

  • Chris Cook (Tuesday, March 06 18 10:00 am GMT)

    We met Cherry and Andrew last night (6/3/18) and immediately we were impressed with the set up and how well looked after her Maine Coon cats were.
    We have never owned a Maine Coon but have owned and loved cats for many years. Cherry was extremely welcoming and patient as we set about trying to choose our next cat (that's the hard bit, they are all gorgeous!)
    We were also able to meet the adorable parents. Having chosen our cat and paying the deposit, we were very surprised to receive a bound folder full of very informative information about the breed together with medical
    history and pictures - a fantastic touch. We are very excited about picking up our new cat next month!

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