No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet
No home is completewithout thepitter patterofkitty feet 

There are two means of refuge from

the miseries of life;

Music & Cats


Owning a cat can reduce the

risk of stroke and heart attack by a third


Cats sleep 70% of their lives.


Female cats are typically right-pawed while

male cats are typically left-pawed


Cats make more than 100 different sounds

whereas dogs make around 10.


A cat's brain is 90% similar to a human's

more similar than to a dog's


Cats and humans have nearly identical sections

of the brain that control emotion


.A cat's cerebral cortex

(the part of the brain in charge of cognitive information processing)

has 300 million neurons, compared with a dog's 160 million


Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially

when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.


Basically, cats have a lower social IQ than dogs but can solve

more difficult cognitive problems when they feel like it.


Cats have 1,000 times more data storage than an iPad


A cat has five toes on his front paws, and four on the back,

unless he's a polydactyl.


One legend claims that cats were created

when a lion on Noah's Ark sneezed and two kittens came out.


A cat can jump up to six times its length.


When cats leave their poop uncovered,

it is a sign of aggression to let you know they don't fear you.


Cats only sweat through their foot pads


Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears.


Hearing is the strongest of cat's senses:


They can hear sounds as high as 64 kHz — compared with humans, who can hear only as high as 20 kHz


Cats can move their ears 180 degrees


They can also move their ears separately.


A cat's nose is ridged with a unique pattern,

just like a human fingerprint.


Cats can't taste sweetness



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